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We appreciate your interest in joining the Network:

The Divorce Attorney AZ is part of a dedicated Community Outreach program specifically designed and developed to provide high levels of Ethical and Professional help, counsel, guidance, information and support. Our primary goal is to serve those who are struggling through the difficult, distressful circumstances of the various stages of Divorce who are without any other resource of this type. After receiving your information, each applicant will have a personal interview; references and copies of licenses, certifications or other special qualifications specific for divorce may be requested. The interview questions are standardized and asked of all applicants. An invoice for membership will be sent after all your information is completed and approved.

Application Information to submit for approval to Join the Divorce Attorney AZ

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Membership Information :

Annual Membership is $95  (used for site maintenance), invoiced and paid thru PayPal.
NOTE:  You may need to search your Spam/Junk Folder if you haven’t received your invoice.

After receiving your information and payment, your renewal date will be set 1 year after your
member page goes live (usually within 24 hours)

If you have additional questions, please call Diana Holbrook McKee at  123.456.7890

Important Instructions :

We suggest you browse through other Providers' pages for ideas on how to best distinguish yourself.  BEFORE beginning please review Diana's entry on the Real Estate Providers page for an example of the short text of Part 1 requested below.  Then click through to Diana's personal page for the detailed information of Part 2; together they can be a guideline for you to follow to describe how you can best serve visitors.

Google + Locator code (short URL format please!)

Your complete mailing address, including suite # if applicable, should appear here.  It is highly recommended that a Google Plus account is available for your business.   Your company name will display on the map link as a Service Provider instead of just a street address.  Additionaly, the Google Plus will improve the SEO for your business.

The email listed will appear on your individual business page.  Inquiries from this site, however, typically will be sent to your business website CONTACT page.

Your cell number will be assumed as good for Text UNLESS you specify it as Call Only

The website listed here will link directly to your website, on a new tab separate from the Network

Your picture preferably will be .jpg format, individual, best quality possible and of a professional appearance.

RE. The Description Texts:
Remember the “Audience”: These are people in the midst of challenging circumstances. We’re making every effort to make their visit to the site both easy and helpful. Simplify wherever possible is a good guideline. They will want to know clearly and concisely what skills, talents and/or experience specifically prepares you to help them amidst the turmoil and confusion in their lives.

Note that the text we need is in TWO parts …
1. A very brief, carefully focused statement will appear in the screen that drops down over your picture. This likely is The most critical part of what you submit; these few words will sway visitors' choices of who to learn more about, making contacts with you more likely. 
2. The full body of the text will appear in your personal page and needs to more completely describe your business.  Particular attention to special training, certification(s) and your personal experience is vital here.  Again, it’s important to be direct and clear about the helpful benefits, guidance and support you can offer each visitor.

Also, please remember, we have developed this site as a community service not as a commercial enterprise or advertising venue.  Even though, the expectation is that everyone will benefit from the Network. It’s been thoughtfully developed as a win-win opportunity.

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